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We provide design and engineering services for projects that are in the schematic design or design development phase. Our strengths include our vast knowldege of the architectural design process and our ability to interface and convey technology requirements directly to the architect, mechanical and electrical consultants.

Our teams understand the real-world application of technology, which informs each client engagement from consulting and design to construction, service and management.

Design Deliverables

We bring together a unique blend of design experience, product knowledge and expert engineering to deliver documentation that meets specifications and conveys sophisticated design ingenuity. We continually monitor compliance issues and track future trends while delivering technology designs that depict optimal user experiences and illustrate innovative solutions.

•  Acuity Studies
•  Architectural Advisory Drawings
•  Bid Specifications
•  Contract Administration
•  Heat Load Studies
•  Lighting Design & Coordination
•  Performance Verification
•  Project Closeout
•  Scope of Work Documentation
•  System Commissioning
•  Technology Design

Renovation, Relocation, New Construction. Whether your project is a small or large-scale renovation, relocation or new construction, we will work with you to create the optimum technology solution. We translate your business needs into technology requirements and provide comprehensive construction documentation for build-out. From smaller projects that cycle over months to large projects that span years, we engage as your design coordinator throughout the process to ensure best outcome.